Real Business Professional Corporate Team

While most of crypto currency teams is some Programmers having a plan &most of them never transfer the white paper to a real business because the fact of they are not really business men’s as they are not expertise in doing this , our team members is corporate level professionals in finance , audit , marketing ,programming ,projects ,investment ,we also in a joint venture with corporate’s , that’s means the most of our work is going with corporate standards and procedures , we dealing with the strongest IT companies for the programming & IT work , we have Oracle for finance & operations , Big 4 for audit , our finance team is well known in business for the last 20 years , the founder is also leading the finance team for financial plans ,budget , cash flow, work in progress, we believe this company owned by coin holders , the funds is controlled by very strong team , also our sales team having strong experience in crypto currency sales , and financial services products too , we will request full list from our HR department for the full staff which will be appreciated by all as our main concern is the business not only the Coin sales

The team Leader the Founder, CEO, CFO, also our CIO a well-known expert in IT solutions handling big corporate IT infrastructure, Our Head of Risk management is more than 30 years’ experience in risk management and insurance, the list is very long and as we explained our target is the business module which will support the Coin holders and let the business Run successfully.